How I help Financial Advisors succeed

If you’re like me, you’ve been told for decades about how to sell financial products and services. We’ve been educated to explain all the details of our products to our prospects or clients and then show them how that can help them save more and build a robust financial plan. We’re all about the “front end” of financial planning and how to save for retirement.

If you think about it, though, our prospects want to know about what they will have to spend in retirement and we’re talking about what they should save for retirement. A traditional advisor conversation typically doesn’t take into account the fact that our clients will be paid 5th or 6th because of taxes.

I believe that by sharing how to maximize the amount of money our clients have to spend in retirement, we can have a more compelling conversation with them and have a bigger impact, all while also growing our business.

It’s this approach and this conversation that qualified me 7 times for MDRT, including Top of the Table. It’s also why I’ve taken on mentoring over 100 advisors to help them have similar success. I’m here to help you, too.

I work with a hand-picked select group of financial advisors to help them evolve their client conversations, get unstuck from their habits and the stories they tell themselves and mentor them on their pathway to massive success.

If you think you might want to work with me to help you grow your business, please fill out this intake form and email it to me (instructions provided in the form). I’ll then reach out to you with next steps.

My Story

When I look back, I look at some of what I consider myths our industry has shared with us from a financial and personal perspective,  and one of them I believe for myself, is that I got into this industry because I love life insurance.

Then, I bought into the belief that I should be everything to everybody. I obtained ALL of my other securities licenses and at one point, when I was with Metlife, I had my auto and homeowner license, as well. I was thinking I’d be a “one stop shop”; that with all these other avenues to gain clients and because I could satisfy all these needs, they’d stay with me. I now know that good advice and service is what keeps them, not a large product line.

I found myself doing a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy. And I really had no idea who I was. I was simply trying to be who I believed everyone else expected me to be in this industry. It wasn’t until I stepped back from that and really began to gain clarity by asking myself “why am I in this business?”

I received a real dose of reality going through the market crash of 2008. I don’t know about you but the weight of responsibility that I felt going through that time period with my clients was like none before.

Once I had an opportunity to really step back from those events, for the first time I realized that although I was the advisor in the relationship, I didn’t fully understand the degree of risk I was asking my clients to accept with their hard earned money. That hit me like a ton of bricks.

I continued to dig deeply into research and spoke with other advisors to gain perspective. I thought I entered into this business to help people and now I was questioning that, did I even want to stay in this business? It was a very challenging time.

This pursuit led me to the belief that, after 2008, the economics of the world had changed. So I thought, if I believe that the economics of the world have changed, does it make sense that I continue to tell my clients to do the same as before 2008?

For the first time, I began to question what I’d been following with traditional planning for decades. I had never before questioned the concepts. I had simply accepted them to be true.

As I began to question and look closer and closer, I came to the realization that we’ve really only been given half the story. We’ve really only been taught how the math piece works; it’s not necessarily how true wealth works.

I believe that we’ve only been given half the story because the financial information that most of us receive is built upon the agendas of the financial institutions, of Wall Street and the government. I can’t believe it took me that long to figure that out. From that moment forward, it became my mission to share the whole story about how wealth works and to help a select group of advisors learn how to share that story with their clients.

Next Steps…

I’m here to help those financial advisors who share my beliefs and who are committed to growing and succeeding by helping clients who are aligned with their beliefs and who need a better plan for when they reach retirement.

If you think you might want to work with me to help you grow your business, please fill out this intake form and email it to me (instructions provided in the form). I’ll then reach out to you with next steps.

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