In a presentation to a roomful of Financial and Benefits Advisors, I talk about how reframing our conversations with clients can result in more business, better client decisions and a bigger impact on our world.

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Transcription of Video

I’ve developed a program called D.I.R.E.C.T. to help those of us in the financial industry learn how to modify our habits so that we can be more successful, help more people and have a bigger impact. The elements of D.I.R.E.C.T. include:

  • Discovery
  • Intention
  • Responsibility
  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Tenacity

We spend a lot of time remembering. Our interpretation of what we remember isn’t necessarily accurate. As we play those memories over and over again, our mind can’t really tell the difference between what is real and what is not so we believe these memories to be true. We’re just telling ourselves that it’s real and it becomes a belief system within us as a result  of repeating them over and over again. The brain then feels comfortable with “this is the way it should be.”

This is part of the reason people have a hard time changing habits. But then again, to change a habit, you have to replace it with another choice or option that you would prefer. The beautiful thing about the NLP program I went through in London is that there are certain things and places I know I will never go back to and I’ve never felt so definite about that. It’s just another layer of clarity for me to help my advisor clients and their clients.

Your words, the way you say them, the intonation you use…. When you start reading about this, you’re helping someone to make a better decision for themselves in their life and you’re doing it from the goodness of your heart. Unless they make a change, what have you really accomplished? Nothing really, you’ve just spent some time together.

So, when you look at the possibilities of being able to use language that will help encourage people, to help move them forward, you’re really doing them a service. I think we owe it not just to ourselves but to our clients to be as best we can be in all of these areas.

All of the language I shared with you today was foreign to me in 2013. It was not the way I spoke. Now, it’s such a part of me that I don’t think about it. All of you have that same opportunity to become more aware of the words that you use.

Have a listen to my presentation at the 2015 MDRT for more details.

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