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About Emily

The value Emily Prendiville has created for clients and advisors is verified by the fact that her production consistently puts her in the top 1% of life insurance producers.

A leading voice for heart-centered business practices, she is a highly sought after speaker at national events. As a 35-year student of money, finance, and relationships, she has successfully helped private clients develop strategies that recapture money transferred to financial institutions and the Government. She currently teaches advisors the LEA process, which allows them to earn more money while making a greater impact in service to clients.

Work with me

Life-Enhancing Advisors (LEA)

Life-Enhancing Advisors (LEA)

Life-Enhancing Advisors combine personal development and an abundance mindset into action that turns potential into production. The LEA process removes limiting beliefs and inputs a growth mindset based on heart-centered values, so agents feel new motivation and determination. Working directly with Emily, agents learn power language and a simple financial narrative that creates more value for clients — and dollars follow value. Part of the LEA values includes donating a portion of every earned dollar to charity. By doing so, Life-Enhancing Advisors provide greater value and service with greater returns — a true win-win for all involved.

Life-Enhancing Owners (LEO)

Life-Enhancing Optimizers (LEO)

LEO is a strategic alliance between heart-centered advisors and the people they serve, joined together to promote impact and to positively enhance the world around them. Owners have taken full responsibility for improving every aspect of their life — finance, family, faith, fitness, and fun. We are a diverse community of philanthropic entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, blue-collar workers, Moms, and Dads, who, as life-enhancing advisors, are honored to serve. Our relationship is symbiotic in that they refer friends and family to us, and we act as a network and resource to help their lives flourish in every way possible.



“Partnering with Emily has been foundational to our growth and success.”

“Emily has lifted my vision and understanding tremendously, allowing me to more powerfully serve clients. Every joint session has opened the eyes of our clients to a new and deeper understanding in gaining a greater command, stability, and growth of their wealth than they had previously believed possible!”

Jeff D.

Financial Advisor, Fresno, CA

“One of the most dynamic and remarkable people I’ve ever met!”

Just over a year ago, I had the blessed good fortune of meeting Emily Prendiville. It was a transformative moment, my career and my life forever changed and transformed, setting me onto the trajectory that I have been striving for. Emily is one of the most dynamic and remarkable people I’ve ever met and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work in conjunction with her. She is a consummate professional, a brilliant advisor, a tremendously inspiring mentor, life and professional coach, role model, and most importantly, exemplary, magnificent human being.”

Jane C.

Financial Advisor, Phoenix, AZ