Emily Prendiville,


Life Teacher

“Every entrepreneur I’ve met is uncommon, and I realized that their wealth strategies should ideally be as uncommon as they are” – Emily Prendiville

I love great conversation, daily meditation, exercise, fine wine, and fine food, but what I’m most passionate about is my life purpose ― helping people compound wealth, freeing them to focus on enjoying their families, careers, and passions, all while creating a life of significance.

I am a financial teacher. I’ve always wanted to educate people on how to grow their money using uncommon strategies tailored specifically to them. My philosophy creates financial strategies that build a rock-solid foundation to maximize and compound wealth. The result is economic confidence with certainty, not luck. The key to maximizing wealth is co-creating strategies that compound growth while wisely assessing risk.

I help you win by not losing — by identifying and re-capturing money you may be unknowingly transferring away to financial institutions, Wall Street, and the Government. Once re-claimed, you can put that money to work for yourself.

About Emily Prendiville

A track record of success.

Helping clients become more successful increased my own success, leading me to become one of the top 1% earners in a male-dominated industry. By listening to my heart, I became a conscious voice for heart-centered business practices.

As I was called upon to speak at national events, more and more advisors were drawn to my message. To serve them, I created Life-Enhancing Advisors (LEA), as a platform where advisors intentionally combine personal growth and professional development. I’ve mentored hundreds of advisors, who now donate a portion of their earnings to their favorite charities as part of the LEA pledge.

To expand our message, I created LEO, the Life-Enhancing Optimizers, to align heart-centered advisors with open-minded people seeking to maximize life. I see conscious capitalism as the most impactful means of positively enhancing our lives, families, businesses, and our world.

When I’m not working, I love to train, and have completed six Boston Marathons. In between races, I enjoy running and biking through Nashville’s beautiful horse town with my dog Amoré.

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